'The Traace; A mark of something from the past in the present, permanently or fleetingly'


Pieces from our new collection are available at Amansara, one of the impeccable boutique properties of Aman resorts located in ANGKOR Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Formerly the guest villa residence of King Sihanouk in the 1960s, the property was empathetically restored in all its modernist precision, purity and breathtaking beauty by Aman and opened in late 2002 as a boutique guest residence.  

amansara siem reap cambodia luxury travel


We expand on our sold out pieces from 2016 by continuing to search for the quirky, curious yet organically beautiful forms that are always perched tenuously on the edge of wanting to transform into something else, something other...

Stay tuned....

carved dickinsonia fossil and diamond ring

from the designer's notebook

read about the inspiration and research for the biota and dickinsonia story and, take a peak at some development sketches.

intriguing snippets

art that seduces and oddly terrorises!

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